Getting The Concept Down

So, you’re sitting at your desk at work, standing in line at the grocery store, or driving down the road and it hits you. Seemingly out of nowhere, you have a new idea for a story. Images flicker through your mind, you see characters within vague scenes. You can hear sound bites of dialog you’ve […]

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Writing Is Rewriting

Writing is all about rewriting.  The process to get your screenplay ready for the marketplace will include taking it through multiple drafts. The daunting task of knowing what to “rewrite” follows a period of allowing your screenplay to rest for a minute.  Yes, take a step back and let it marinate.  During this time go […]

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Making A Few Changes

We’re making a few changes here at TFWScribes. The most obvious being the new look of the site. We are also changing the format for The Scribes Show, so that it can be an hour long show instead of thirty minutes.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Introducing TFWScribes

Once upon a time on a typical winter’s evening two long distance Twitter friends and screenwriters living outside of Hollywood found themselves in their end of day Twitter banter.  As usual, they discussed writing specs, competition deadlines, attending festivals and the challenges of breaking into the industry while living outside LA. However on that cold […]

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